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About Morentho Airways

Asset Management

Morentho Airways (Pty) Ltd

Morentho Airways (Pty) Ltd is a multidisciplinary aviation company whose core business is to develop strategies and provide efficient air transport consulting services.

Our aviation strategy is about providing advice on how to improve airlines and airports business efficiencies.

The company specialises in managing the multiple tasks, which is critical in every project being implemented in Africa and worldwide.


Morentho Airways provides the following services to support airport operators, governments, authorities and investors:
  • • Market potential analysis
  • • Traffic forecasting
  • • Aircraft brokerage
  • • Traffic Rights
  • • Foreign Operator’s Permit
  • • Airport business planning and structuring
  • • Air Service License Applications
  • • Organizational efficiencies
  • • Aviation trend analysis and benchmarking information

Morentho Airways Service Offering

Our Services

The aviation industry is increasingly being liberalised, and privatised global. These developments have opened up new challenges for airlines and airport operators. Airports compete for business and patronage through product offering differentiations strategies and the improvement of their service offerings. Morentho provides practical solutions which are geared at creating value for the clients. Our company is run by a team of aviation and logistic experts who have acquired years of aviation operations experience. Our services, in brief, are as follows:

  • • Traffic rights
  • • Handling
  • • Fuel purchase solutions
  • • Over flying rights
  • • Foreign Operator’s Permit (FOP)
  • • License Application
  • • Route rights
  • • Air Operators Certificate (AOC)
  • • Bilateral negotiations
  • • Charter License
  • • Schedule
Alliances & Networks
  • • Business development ( feasibility Studies)
  • • Code Shares,
  • • Joint Venture
  • • SPA
  • • GSA
  • • Route development
  • • Fleet planning, change, optimization
  • • Aircraft selection & remarketing
  • • Increase in efficiency and Cost reductions
Government Policies
  • • Aviation
  • • Road Transport
  • • Rail Transport
  • • Sea Transport
  • • Policies and Procedures
General Aviation
  • • Airlines Strategy
  • • Freighter’s solutions
  • • Airports
  • • Feasibility Studies
  • • Policy  Research & Analysis
  • • Business Planning
  • • Management Analysis
  • • Market entry & Strategies
  • • Network Design, Planning, optimization
  • • Pricing Analysis
  • • Route, market share and load factor forecasting
  • • Route Planning , forecasting development
  • • Strategic alliances
  • • Turn-around strategies and innovations
  • • Traffic forecasting
  • • Yield and capacity management
  • • Organizing traffic rights and License
Aircraft Brokerage
  • • Sourcing of Aircraft;
  • • ACMI & Dry Contract;
  • • Registration of Aircraft
  • • Crew Solutions

Dynamic Markets

The aviation market is dynamic and is constantly changing, forcing airports and airlines to review their operational requirements in order to remain competitive. The rapid movement of people and cargo is central in expediting business transactions in the modern economy. Business will generally thrive when supported by well managed, well structured airports which displays greater efficiencies in their operations. Effective communication is also vitally important for managing projects.

Our Mission

Provide effective and efficient business consulting and aviation solution (aircraft sourcing, charter services, traffic rights, flight permits, fuel and handling). Consulting services by being totally committed to our clients and candidates needs as well as exceeding their expectations »»

Our Commitment

  • • Delivering on time within budget and also ensuring high quality standards of delivery of service.
  • • Establishing private-public partnership within the delivery of quality services.
  • • Providing a company specific tailored business model to address your business development needs.
  • • Creating a business environment in which you will manage change to your advantage and an organizational climate that allows your team to perform at their peak.

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